I want to say I am mod-CG. I've tried co washing, even with clarifying conditioners like someone here suggested, but after a while I get greasy, flat, nearly straight hair. I uses to wash regularly and used a product with cones in it and I never had problems. It was a more humid climate but I can't figure out what to change.

I have tried KCCC and the effects are bad. Greasy Coated feeling along with diminished curl pattern and drying frayed ends.

Tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner doesn't do anything for me. I have frizz and breakage. The ends of my curls like fly out. They don't stay in a curl anymore and there are multiple lengths of hair in a curl that stick out.

I am trying to grow out my hair. I had horrible layering done and one part of my head was about 5 inches at one point!

I like mousses and creamy products. And serum-like products. I need a low maintenance routine right now. I know it will be a process of trial and error but I dont have time or money right now.