I do think children should be removed from criminal parents so the cycle can be broken. I see so many children at work who are exposed to drugs and crime. I'm shocked at the number of needle exchange users who see nothing wrong with bringing their children in to witness it or to watch them take their medication. These kids are brought up to think drugs and crime are normal and copy their mum and dad.

Worse are the ones who are born addicted. I held an addicted baby once. She was so small and frail. Thankfully the baby was removed from her mum. It's awful for the parents but the child's welfare is more important to me.
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I agree. I have came across many families where it is a long lived tradition, and have had more than one friend that grew up in these situations.

My best childhood girlfriend was born premature and addicted. Her grandparents removed her from a drug ring in Texas, got full custody, and brought her to NC. When we were in high school she decided to meet her mom. She moved in with her for 1 year. In a way I could not blame her, just her wanting to meet her and get to know her, but she was never the same when she returned. She helped people rob her grandparents house a few months later. It is wild how much influence her mom had in such a short time period.

Let me add her mom was a major hippie/disco queen/thief so LSD and coke were her drugs of choice. Her dad was not much better at the time. He told me stories that blew my mind. They were into some major stuff. Luckily, he sobered up and joined her in NC a few years later but her mom... No ma'am.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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