i straightened my hair and now everyone is like i love your hair straight, blah blah blha, I only know its because my hair is never straight so it looks different. Damn my hair is long and damn I need a hair cut.

I'm not pleased with it, I have too much hair, it looks lame.

I'm googling a cool braid to put it in since it's long now.
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That's how I always feel when I straighten my hair, too. I don't get my hair cut to look good when it's straight. I get it cut to look good when it's curly... So on the very, very rare occasion that I do it (literally, once a year) it looks so lame! I walk around embarrassed for like 2 days. I spend most of my time with straight hair fantasizing about when I can make it curly again.

I have to straighten my hair next weekend. I might need to find a cool braid, too!

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