LOL Thank God there's more to us than our hair.

But I understand your sensitivity. If I'm truthful, I have been sensitive too when it comes to curly acceptance of my hair, by others. Now I know longer give a fig.

Anyway, I figure there are enough positives about me in general that it really doesn't matter much how much or little my hubby likes my hair. Turns out he's pretty open/opinionated about his views on the subject though. I straightened my hair once and he told me he didn't like it and wanted the curls back. But he's also said he likes wavy hair the best. I too think waves are pretty (though I definitely prefer curls). He is entitled to his own set of likes and dislikes. About anything. Side note: He wants me to dye my hair jet black because it's his favorite hair color. We'll have to see about that.

Hopefully you won't let your guy's opinion of your hair get in the way of enjoying your curls and accepting yourself in your own eyes

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