curlysue, it was so funny to read back over that and remember how I felt! I ended up loving CT.

RB, that's so interesting to know! Getting referred for physical therapy stems from a stopped up ear that medications aren't helping and when I asked my ENT about a knot in my neck (on the very off chance it was ear related) she asked me if I clinch my teeth and that problems in the jaw can directly affect the ear and neck. Today was only my second visit so he's slowly introducing me to things to do at home. I'm supposed to do heat, cold, and massage in and out and repeat a few times (I may have that out of order, I don't have my paper in front of me). When he showed me the inside massage it hurt getting up in there like that with my thumb, definitely not something that can be done from the outside so I certainly see how it could be beneficial, I just had no idea that was a treatment! It made me realize just how tender my jaw is that wasn't evident from the outside massage. He also gave me yellow dot stickers to place around the house to remind myself to relax my jaw and stop clinching. I should just paper the entire house with dots because I catch myself constantly clinching all day. I get bad headaches too, but I think it's coming from my neck.

I also have a 20 year problem with neck pain, but that's a whole other story.

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