I think that my hair would really benefit from proper sealing; however, my hair seems to despise oils. I've tried the tiniest amounts, in various ways (wet vs. dry) and with various oils (jojoba, coconut, olive) and it continually leaves my finer waves weighed down and wet looking. I believe my hair is porous and does need sealing. But apparently not from oils. Is there a way to do so using something other than oil?
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Those oils are kind of heavy (olive, coconut.. Never tried jojoba) so maybe you should try a lighter oil like sunflower or sweet almond oil before giving up oils completely. Also, how much oil do you use anyways? You don't need to saturate your hair.. Just a light coating or even just the ends. You could try the fingertip method pr just use a few drops enough to make your hands shiny when you rub it. If did try other oils and decide it's not for you, you can try butter, but I heard that they may be heavier than oil but not as greasy.. Vinegar rinses also smoothe the cuticle, sealing the hair. Good luck!