Hi eveyone. Sooo, i recently started wearing my hair curly a lot because i just turned 13, & wanted something different . my curls are 3c with some 3b. All my friends in my neighborhood are some how fascinated with it. They all want to pet my head and rake their fingers through the curls >.< most of them are mixed race too, so you'd think that seeing curly hair wouldnt be such a big deal, but its annoying having people & sometimes strangers wanting to put their hands in it or make remarks like why is it so curly? Does it do that on its own or do you so somethig to it? No no, like when you come out the
Shower is it like that? And they dont even ask to touch it >.< does anyone else have this problem? Because after this, the race questions come up & to me its a little uncormfortable :/ please help!!
Xoxo , Goldi Locks