Hello! Another newbie here! Iíve been lurking for several weeks after reading the CG book. Iím having serious trouble trying to figure out my hair type. A little history...

Iíve always had huge quantities of hair...thick strands, and lots of them. Iíve always had to have my hair thinned out when cut. Thereís so much there. My hairdresser says it takes five pounds off my head when I get a cut from just beneath bra length to shoulder length. Itís heavy and my neck stays in knots if I let it get longer than my bra. At 40 something, there could be much more to complain about than how my hair is too thick!

I have left over damage from bleach/toner hi-lights - trying to blend in my gray/white with my dark blonde hair. My hair always tends to pull red when coloring, even using ash toner and red out. I havenít bleached in over six months but have started using demi permanent color. I would like to let my natural white grow in but the new growth is so ash and clashes with the reddish tint left from coloring. It drives me crazy.

My hair has never really held a style. I remember years ago my hairdresser telling me my hair was too healthy to be able to hold a style...it needed a little damage. It never made sense to me until now. I had low porosity. I still do on the new growth but the damaged areas, oh lawd, what a hot mess. Several months ago, when I used a harsh developer and my hair turned red again, the girl at Sallyís recommended a demi permanent color and Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor.

In the past, I have also turned to the keratin blow outs to make my thick hair straight. I donít think they were the Brazilian ones, but the ones that would last about four weeks. Even with those, I wasnít able to achieve the super sleek straight hair that I got in the stylist chair without using tons of silicones and two hours of blow drying and two hours of flat iron. I have been using sulfate free poos for the last few years since my first keratin treatment.

Since trying out Mod CG, I still low poo with no sulfate shampoo. I had a trim and told my hairdresser that I was going back natural curly, so she cut with long layers and diffused it. My bangs are too short and look like a devil horn sticking out of my forehead! Iíve used the AphoGee 2 minute once a week for about five minutes and I have been using KCKT and KCCC (love the KCKT and KCCC!), followed by plain old gel (no cones or alcohol. I have been scrunching with an old t-shirt. I have tried to put my hair up in a pineapple for bed, but it really gives me a bad ďponytail headacheĒ and makes my scalp hurt. My hair is too heavy.

Last night I tried Suave Naturals using spritz and condish method. I think it helped. Itís hard to tell, because this morning and all this week, it has been very rainy, humid, dew points in upper 60s. I have noticed a little bit of lessening of frizz. Iím a mess.

So what is a 40 something 2C, multi porosity, dense, thick hair that lives on the Gulf Coast girl to do? How do I manage the damaged parts and the new growth differences? The more I read through all of the threads, the more I confuse the heck out of myself! Any advice or product recommendations would be great. I havenít been able to find my hair twin yet, but I hope to soon!