I started reading this thread beginning to end last night and i am soo glad that i am not alone in the idea of online dating. Your gals have been on the thread consistently and i feel like I am a part of your journey to find love (although this is my first post).

i opened a POF acc sept this yr and began talking to a man we will call him "Baltimore" anyway we hit it off proper and although things were intense at first we really opened up to each other in ways i have never done so b4. I live in California and he in MD. He volunteered to move out here to be closer to me after 1 month of talking on the phone (daily) and although i felt a lot of pressure to make it work if he moved i agreed. to make a loooong story short he pulled a disappearing act on me the day he was suppose to move out . It all started the week of, we talked alot less than usual. He claimed it was b/c he was busy packing and arranging the move. I understood and didn't fuss. The day before the move we talked as if it was a regular day and he kept on telling me how nervous he was. I am a skeptic so i had the "ill believe it when im driving to meet up with you" attitude the entire time but the day before i really was excited because according to him everything was on schedule. we even discussed our plans for that weekend. the day of i didnt hear from him so I have tried to call him and the phone rang until vm picked up. this is where the mystery began I called from over 6 different #s and area codes, i have even blocked my # . i contacted the airlines they confirmed the flight info he gave me and said that fight had a successful landing but they couldnt give me passenger info. I then called all hospitals in his area AND correctional facilities...NOTHING. I intercepted his address (one i took from an envelope he wrote me on) it turns out it was his grandfathers address, which isnt too crazy since that house is under his name. So i signed up for spokeo acc its a white pages site that searches for people by phone #, address, username, or email when i put in the address his grandfathers # came up and i had my sister call him pretending to be me. The grandfather is 82 yrs old according to 'Baltimore' and his behavior that day confirmed he was elderly. He was hard of hearing and when we asked about 'Baltimore' he said he was not aware he was moving to california and that i should call him. then he rushed off the phone. this was all the week of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day i was optimistic b/c i anticipated a surprise appearance from him but that never happened.after searching, calling and texting for 2 weeks i decided to shift my focus to what always makes since to me; my faith. I prayed God for strength to get over the entire experience and to find closure even though i had no answers. And long behold He answered because today I feel more confident and at peace than ever. Before this i did write 'Baltimore' a final email as my way of letting it go. It was short and sweet thanking him for the good that came out of the experience.

What puzzled me the most about this is things were going so good. He was the one who wanted all of this, i was more apprehensive since the relationship was fairly new. i DIDN'T SEE ANY SIGNS except for the fact that he was pushy about a relationship without us even meeting.THIS CAME FROM NOWHERE THAT'S WHY I WAS SO RELENTLESS TO FIND ANSWERS.

At this point i am scorn and dont even want to trust anymore. like CanItBeChristine i am hoping for the ideal guy to fall out of the sky. You guys are so brave for taking a chance at love even despite of all your bad experiences i am pretty sure i will be open on day but right now i am using every reason to not date.

i did reactivate my POF under a different user name and have gotten 6 emails but it is not in me to reply. rite now its not being taken as serious as i once took it b4. even my profile info is a copy and paste paragraph my sister has on her page and bc i thought it was funny i put it on my page. I will copy it down here so you can see.


A little about myself I love God. I am believer, and would like to share that experience with a man that feels the same way. I am a women who is loyal to my man, has morals and values and would want the same. in addition I am very down to earth and fun to be around chick. I love dancing, and spending quality time with family and friends, but most importantly i like to grind. I am funny, sarcastic and full of personality.

I am not here for games, F*** buddy, or bull sh*t so if that's what your looking for don't waste your time or mines, I have no problem putting someone in their place if there being disrespectful. I think a great women deserves to be treat like as such, and vise versa. So if your that man that has his priories in line, inbox me. Treat me l right & I'll do the same, run game & I'll show you how its played. I'm no where near desperate, so that being said if you email me and I don't get back to you don't take it personal, were just not corresponding. I know what I want and I am not here to waste your time nor mine.

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