I can't remember who said she doesn't like to talk to guys she meets online prior to the first date. (Ursula?)

Well, I have been going out on a crapload of dates lately. I normally always talk to them (at least twice) before the first date. But the pace lately has been so hectic, I let one slide w/o a phone call. He called but I didn't answer and didn't have time to return the call.

Well, I went out w/ him this past Wed and...not sure how to explain this but...I believe, I mean, I truly believe he is borderline mentally retarded. Really.

And now I can't shake him.

This is so awful.

The date was so bizarre and so have been subsequent conversations (or should I say "conversations?")

I messed up and mistexted somethibg about another guy I'm talking to to him and now he is confused and kind of worked up into a tizzy. (But still wants to go out w/ me this Sunday.)

Help! LOL