I can't remember who said she doesn't like to talk to guys she meets online prior to the first date. (Ursula?)

Well, I have been going out on a crapload of dates lately. I normally always talk to them (at least twice) before the first date. But the pace lately has been so hectic, I let one slide w/o a phone call. He called but I didn't answer and didn't have time to return the call.

Well, I went out w/ him this past Wed and...not sure how to explain this but...I believe, I mean, I truly believe he is borderline mentally retarded. Really.

And now I can't shake him.

This is so awful.

The date was so bizarre and so have been subsequent conversations (or should I say "conversations?")

I messed up and mistexted somethibg about another guy I'm talking to to him and now he is confused and kind of worked up into a tizzy. (But still wants to go out w/ me this Sunday.)

Help! LOL
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Why can't you just say no? Or not contact him? If he keeps on contacting say you're not interested.
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That, of course, is my plan. Just not sure of how to say it. Or how to explain it when he asks why...which I know he will do.

I suspect he will continue to contact me bc he thinks we're going out to the that expensive Brazilian steakhouse chain on Sunday.

Most people can pick up these kids of cues (and I am very good at sending them). But he can't.

Hypothetic convo:

Him: So, how are you today?

Me: I'm good, thanks.

Him: Me, too. I slept good thinking about you last night.

Me: That's nice of you to say but I have to say, I'm not really feeling a love connection here.

Him: Why not?

Me: I just believe we are too different. We don't have enough in common.

Him: But we've only been out once. It's too soon to tell.

Me: I'm pretty sure about this. I know my type. I think you're very nice but you aren't my type.

Would something like that work? (He gets confused about very basic stuff.)