Hi! Thought I would pop into the over 40s forum for the first time and figured this is a good thread. I'm 41ish!

I haven't decided if I want to embrace the gray or not. I grew up with dark blonde/ light brown hair...a bunch of different colors all blended.

The hair around my temples is growing in very soft and white. I have a few silvery ones throughout my crown. I am told they look like highlights but I just don't see what they see!

I just don't know. I keep saying I'm going to let it come in natural and afer a couple of inches, I change my mind and grab some dye. It doesn't help that my boyfriend is almost a decade younger than me either. I keep feeling like I need to look younger than him. He has a lot of silver but wears it short and you can't see it until up close.

If my hair would just come in all white and soft like my grandmother's is, I would be all over not fighting it!

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