I've had bangs on and off for years. Right now I don't have them and it seems like I'm seeing cool bangs on everyone these days. I do a lot of updos and buns in the winter and I think having bangs enhances the look. However, this year I'm trying to stay strong and not cut them again. Its been difficult.

If you want them to look neat you are going to have to get over the idea of not using heat on them, otherwise they will flip up all over and look really messy. I straighted mine with a blow dryer and a large ceramic round brush. Also, depending on the humidity, or how you sleep on your hair, you may have to do this everyday. The good news is you don't to use specialty straightening products, your cg styling products will work.

I also got a keratin treatment on them which reduced the styling time but wore off so fast I didn't bother getting it done again. I heard they take better on other people, so much that they don't have to use heat to straighten them. However, remember that this requires heat in the form of a flat iron as well.

Also the grow out is a pain and it took about a year to go from eyebrow to chin length, so just something to think about.

Bottom line is its easier not to have them, but they aren't that difficult to deal with and they can look really cool. You look fine without them, but I think they would look nice once you do have them.
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