I have been testing out the Q-redew lately. I am very on the fence about it. I can instantly add volume and curl back to my hair, but I also get a lot of canopy frizz. This decreases some if I add a little light gel to my hair. I am not sure if the effects are completely permanent for my hair. I have porous, stubborn hair, and often have to use high heat on styling appliances, so that's not a surprise. I would be curious to see if a heat range could be added.

For those of you that have the Q-redew, how do you use it in your hair? I started out just poking it everywhere and scrunching, but have moved to focusing on the ends and scrunching upwards. I also curl curls around a finger and then steam them. I really need to use gel with this I think.

Just trouble shooting... looking for ways to use it. I may try a flexi set with this.

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