Ricotdorothy, I forgot to thank for the bump! So … thanks

Sistapopdemcurl, sounds like you've really made amla work for you. About how long have you been using it?

Poema, I think we “talked” about henna on another thread recently. It's great that it works for you so well and doesn't relax your curl I had one bad experience with it (a migraine was made worse lol), but am still considering matching it with the amla and some indigo. Not quite sure what I want to do anymore Yeah, I hear the amla is really gritty and hard to rinse out – looks like some ppl on that old amla thread tried to remedy that problem by mixing it with coconut milk (have you?). For some it worked, for others it didn't (I think?).

MrsComboCurlz, a question about the online shop: Do you know if their ingredients are strictly organic? I keep reading that ingredients like henna and amla need to have no other additives or you can't go back to using commercial dyes (without ruining your hair). TIA

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