No I'm stating that if even two talentless hags like Paris and Kin can 'earn' their own money from whatever it is they do.....then I'm sure Kate can find something to do.

Heck even her own sister is out there trying to hustle with her new found fame, and she still has her job too, lol.
Originally Posted by Tinfoilhat
I'd be very surprised if the palace would allow her that option.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
The palace has no power and no control over what Kate does legally. Unless she signed something stating just that...she can do whatever she likes, even divorce William if she wants.

She doesn't live in a communist country you know, it's just the UK.

So are you suggesting they make a sex tape?
Originally Posted by CGNYC

Now which of our infamous trolls do we think TFH is...??
Originally Posted by LAwoman

You're joking right?

Why is it whenever someone suggest or states something on a forum they are a troll?

What the hell kind of troll waste their time posting review of various bases members had mentioned in that old product base thread? lmao

Morons I swear.
Originally Posted by Tinfoilhat
because, you know, name calling and a disgusting lack of empathy aren't at all suspicious.

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