For me Commercial Dyes are a "no no". IMO those are the culprits that ruin hair lol...not Ayurvedic powders. I can attest to it...the Hesh Amla isn't a brand of the online store...the boxed brand can be found in Indian stores etc
The Amla product states that it's 100% Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry/Embelic Myrobalan) BNB's claims all organic but if you have questions about any other products from the can shoot Sharika an e-mail...she gets right back! Attachment 27996
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Thanks. Pure is what I'm interested in I know what you mean about commercial dyes. if I don't like natural-based dyes for some reason though (or other ayurvedic powders in general), I want the option to revert back to a semi-permanent pro dye (minus the peroxide), which is more gentle than other commercial dyes. According to my research, I wouldn't be able to switch back from the natural powders unless they're definitely all natural because you can destroy your hair (all in one fell swoop) from the chemical interaction. ... So I like that the online store you're pointing us toward seems to have powders that should be all natural

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