I dated an alcoholic for a couple of years, it is hard to get past it. I know for me now I'm hyper aware of people drinking (it wasn't until I moved in with him that I realized just how bad it was and subsequently how much he'd been lying and hiding) . My radar will probably always be on high alert. I'm okay with that (to be clear I'm not the alcohol police I am just more aware of patterns of behavior).

All of that being said, I would not get involved with someone who had a dependency like that again. In addition, I'm looking for someone to be a partner in my life and there are few professionals I know who smoke that much weed. In my field, one random drug search, failed urine test, whatever, your job is gone. Why would I want to be involved with someone who chooses risky illegal behavior on a continual basis?

ETA - you are studying to be a counselor, what would you tell a client who is getting involved with men who have dependency issues? Maybe research this from a learning perspective for yourself (ie what would you say to a client) and perhaps you will be able to see it from a different perspective

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