I doubt that she went from being totally fine to suicidal because of the prank. But I can absolutely see the prank, and its professional consequences, being the last straw for someone who's already depressed. The DJs should be held responsible because the potential for serious harm is so obvious.

I try to keep in mind that anyone I interact with may have depression or similar issues. After all, so many people do.
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Agreed. I had an experience a few months ago when I was absolutely at a very low point, and somebody who knew very well I was very low did/said some extremely cruel things to/about me for the sheer sake of being cruel and hurting me.

When I heard about this this morning, I thought about my situation. I'm not saying I was suicidal, but what if what that person did to me sent me over the edge, since I was already EXTREMELY vulnerable and depressed? How would he have felt had I gone and done something drastic to hurt myself because it was just the last straw?

You never know what battle another person is fighting or what demons they have going-on in their head. It's so sad.