SO thought he was getting fired too. For months. Then he was, in late October.

It was a shock, regardless. In the months leading up to it, he kept asking his bosses what he could do to be more valuable to the company, how he could increase his billability, and they kept telling him he was fine and it was their job to worry about that.

Anyway, we're past the point of it being a shock and him being depressed about it. He's freelancing, and keeping pretty busy doing that, while looking for full-time opportunities. Life goes on.

I'm glad you have six months saved up. We have some savings as well, and he did get a severance. [He was technically "let go" so that's something, I suppose. His company was known for never "firing" anyone. He worked in PR, so ] We also moved in together [planned before this happened], so there is some savings in that.

Anyway, if it DOES happen, it is no fun, super stressful and all that. But you'll get through it, I have no doubt.