I'm new so forgive me if i'm doing this all wrong.. I have read some posts on here but i got mixed answers.

My hair doesnt really have problems with protein. My hair dresser told me to do an aphogee treatment which i did ( the one that make your hair hard) because i had some random pieces of breakage.. Actually started when the weather got colder..

So i did it, and it seems to me i have more breakage after i did it, i'm not sure if it was the protein treatment or because its getting colder and colder.I have thick coarse hair, 3b,3c, and very little 4a pieces around my head. So complex lol.
I do take multi vitamins, and biotin, i'm buyin more msm i ran out a month ago.

I HAVE NOT got a trim all year, the only time my hair was cut was when i big chopped the beginning of 2012. Is that bad? Maybe i just need a trim to help the breakage?

I did try a deep moisturizing conditioner, curl junkie rehab, doesnt seem moisturizing enough for my hair.. smells good though

ANY suggestions for

DEEP conditioners - no protein

Leave ins - no protein or very little.

Thank you my beautiful curly girls ^_^