I use amla at least once a month or once every two months.
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Thanks Sistapop.

Ooh, is scent one of your migraine triggers or did it just exacerbate a migraine that was brewing from something else? Amla isn't too hard to rinse out it's very similar to henna actually. Just rinse under the tub faucet and grab some cheap condish and go go go! lol I haven't used coconut milk in my mixes, because I like to keep them very simple. That way if I don't like what the treatment does to my hair, I have a very short list to troubleshoot.
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You know ... I'm pretty sure I was already getting a migraine prior to applying the henna. With migraines there's just that sensitivity to smell and (wow!) the henna was so strong it was like lying directly underneath a standing cow in a field of freshly cut grass - a cow that evacuated directly onto my head. Sorry to be that gross but that's exactly and precisely the feel and smell of the situation. The weight of the henna was the other thing that exacerbated the migraine. I tried so hard to keep it in my hair for a few hours (while breathing through my mouth to avoid the henna smell). Tried really hard LOL ... So really it's just a bad memory that keeps me away from it. That plus I don't want red hair or a potentially loosened curl pattern. But I'm still considering mixing it w/amla and indigo for some other color outcome.

I like your idea of keeping it simple with the amla. When/if I try it, I'll go ahead and use condish in the way you describe Question: how similar to henna is the smell and consistency? On the amla mega-thread, some ppl complained about the smell. (Still, I can handle it as long as I don't stupidly use it while suffering a headache again.) ... I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions
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I'd say amla has a similar consistency to henna, but you only need to keep it on your hair for 30mins, if I remember correctly. In terms of the smell, I think to me it smelled like cranberries which makes sense since amla is acidic. I don't mind the smell of henna though, so I might not be the best judge of how smelly it is!
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