It's been almost a month, I'm 2 days away. I stretched the longest part of my hair to compare to a before picture...and it didn't look any longer. :/ the before picture, my hair was wet and stretched. And the after i did was while it was dry. So, I'm going to try again while it's wet. And I'll take pics and come back to update. I hope there's a difference. But who knows...i feel like my hair is breaking off due to bad detangling. I've tried soooo many ways and conditioners and it's still horribly tangled and snaps. Anyways, I'll be back to update.

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Originally Posted by DepressedCurls
I really like Aubrey Organics white Camellia conditioner for detangling.....use a wide tooth comb then you can use a finer tooth comb if you'd like once the hair has been combed out.

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Originally Posted by kurlygurly
Hmm, I'll have to try that. I've wasted soooo much money on experimenting with conditioners trying to figure it out though...$55 to be exact in the past month. But if you think it'll work on my hair, I'll try it. It's always gotten so easily knotted up and tangled. But it's never been this hard to detangle before. Even conditioners that used to melt right into my hair, don't work anymore. Idk. :/

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