Been something of a backlash over here, the dj's have been taken off air and all advertising pulled from the station. The CEO (I think it was) was interviewed today and said, quite rightly I think, that no-one could possibly have seen such a tragic outcome to a prank call. I can only assume, as others have said, that this woman had other stuff going on in her life and this was the last straw. I don't know about the worldwide humiliation angle as who would have known who it was that had answered the call and put it through? I never heard anyone's name mentioned until she died. There would no doubt been consequences from the hospital re confidentiality and all that (I'm a nurse - it can be really difficult sometimes) but who can honestly say they would have denied the Queen information if they truly thought that was who they were talking to? It's a hospital where the hoi-polloi go, I'm sure they get phone calls from the "gentry" all the time, how do they know who they're talking to? And very little info was actually given out, nothing earth-shattering. Prince Charles even made a joke of it (before the death obviously).
It just seems a sad but gross over-reaction to something that would soon have been yesterday's news.
And I'm in no way condoning what the dj's did, they shouldn't have been intruding on someone's privacy like that.
3b in South Australia.