I think the Royal family should have a code word or something also that would have prevented this from happening. I think the blame goes first and foremost to the DJ's who committed the prank, then to the hospital and those in charge for not having a system in place to prevent something like this.

That said, it is one thing to be humiliated in a small circle of people, but to be humiliated all around the world was probably a terrible burden for this nurse to carry. I'm sure she was scolded (can't think of a better word) from her supervisors. On top of that she was probably laughed at by everyone else for falling for the prank. The public humiliation is a burden many people can't handle. I agree with the people who label this as a form of public bullying. Am glad the DJ's were suspended. Hope this is a lesson to everyone that a prank that may seem harmless to you may be just the opposite to the one who is the object of said prank.