...it is one thing to be humiliated in a small circle of people, but to be humiliated all around the world was probably a terrible burden for this nurse to carry. I'm sure she was scolded (can't think of a better word) from her supervisors. On top of that she was probably laughed at by everyone else for falling for the prank. The public humiliation is a burden many people can't handle. I agree with the people who label this as a form of public bullying.
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If she was a person struggling with personal/emotional/psychiatric issues, and just managing to keep herself together enough to work and be a productive member of society...I can see how the sh1tstorm that hit her might have knocked her for such a loop that she thought there was no other way out. She may have been punished extremely hard by her employer, not to mention the oppressive tabloid attention. She probably couldn't see how it would have faded in a few days. She probably really suffered on her final day.