My father is forcing me to straighten my hair for Christmas when I really don't want to. I told him no and he said he will not let me get my permit (im 15) if I don't straighten it, and he's completely serious. I finally got to the point where I'm ready to not touch the flat iron ever again, to get my hair healthy, and embrace the curly hair on every occasion because I'm uncomfortable with it all straight. I told him this but he is adamant and I am stubborn. What do I do
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Girl, if I were you, i would stand my ground. It's your hair, he can't threaten you with you not getting your permit. Over Thanksgiving, my mother wanted me to straighten my hair and i fought with her. I won, of course (it sounded better in my head) and i did my hair natural. All i can say is give him the reasons why. You worked hard to keep it this way, and flat ironing it is bad for your hair. tell him about heat damage and how its irreversible. And if you're uncomfortable with it straight, you should tell him. You should be comfy on a holiday like Christmas. If your dad has a problem with it, it's his problem, not yours.

Happy Holidays!