Why is tinfoilhat a troll and banned? Her posts seem reasonable to me.

Kate's pregnancy is a personal and private matter to me, not something worthy of world attention. And all the people talking about how sick she is or is not and comparing it to themselves are mostly just speculating.

And many women are sick in their pregnancies - very sick - but have to work or study and take care of their other kids and their homes. So I don't in any way relate to her as a woman who was also very sick during my pregnancies.

I think this whole focus on Kate's - and other famous womens' - pregnancies is BAD for women in general. It's just reinforcing particular gender roles and imposing the expectation that pregnant women always be glowing and groomed and fashionably dressed - and then drop the weight the next day and run around in a bikini. I kind of feel sorry for her to an extent that she'll also feel that pressure from the media and society.

And finally, what an absurd way to pick a future head of state for multiple countries. Changing the rules of succession to be gender-neutral doesn't change the fact that the whole idea in general is anachronistic, archaic and whatever else.
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