Well for some, I sort of cheated. For the rosehips, I used rosehip tea bags. It was just an experiment. I would heat up the vinegar and add the tea bags. I used a blend of rosehips, rooibos, and hibiscus. I also tried making hibiscus powder from dried hibiscus and added that. For the chamomile, it is still infusing. I read that you just put the dried chamomile in vinegar and shake it at least once a day for two weeks. The hibiscus, rosehips, and rooibos made a really pretty deep red color. The chamomile also added a nice scent. Not too strong but still there.
I also made a different batch with lemon and orange peels. I also added beets as an experiment, when I read about homemade pickled beets. I absolutely love that one. It smelled sweet, but tangy. You can barely smell the vinegar. I used it as rinse and passed by sister, and even she said I smelled good.