Thanks everyone. I feel sick about it but I don't want to make DH feel worse.

He's wanted to leave publishing for years and this might force him to do so. This will be the second time in four years that he's been let go. Ugh.
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I was fired after my son was born and I applied for unemployment and got it! The Employment Security Commission sided with me that the reason for termination was BS. You can fire people for no reason, but if you give a reason it has to be legit (in "hire at will"/non-union workforce jobs). So there is a possibility that he can still get unemployment benefits.

Hope for the best but have a plan. Go ahead and sit down and rework your budget right now and cut all the fluff. Save every cent you can get your hands on. For the holidays, if you have not done your shopping, talk about not buying things. Focus on the traditions of the holiday. Do stuff that is Christmas-y: go look at lights, go ice-skating, go caroling with a group from church or your neighborhood. Volunteer! Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like giving of yourself, your time. Once I was actually unemployed, I got a regular volunteer position. It gave me something productive to do; I felt useful and I could put it on my resume.

I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I know what it's like. I am facing possible lay-off myself. If it happens I will have been laid off 3 times in 4 years!!! You feel helpless so focus on what you can control. I wish you the best!