I just signed up for this site because I have spent most of my day off annoyed and sad about my disgusting hair. My curly hair feels like just another curse adding to my array of unattractive qualities. To be honest, I'm too lazy/busy to straighten it. I do it rarely but when I do I am adorned with compliments about how beautiful I look etc... I am completely aware that I look thinner(not sure why) and much more attractive with straight hair. I basically wear it in a ponytail or bun 99% of the time. Even when my curls are flawless (rare) I think they are ugly. I am frustrated by how unpredictable it is. Sometimes it look fine, sometimes its disgusting, frizzy, big and unattractive. I hate curly hair!!!! In my opinion (I know you guys don't agree) most people look better with straight hair. Only fake curls made by curling irons look good. I am just pissed off that nobody has figured out how to straighten hair permanently. I have chemically straightened it, done the keratin straightening thing etc... I haven't tried anything like it in the last few years though because it doesn't work and costs a fortune.

I just blew money on sulfate free shampoo and conditioner as suggested on this site. We will see if it works. But my main problem is, no matter how great my curls look I still HATE the way they look on me. I blew $65 on a hair cut from a "curly hair specialist" a couple of months ago. So I guess it should be cut properly.

By the way I am between 3A/3B. It's long nipple length curly and almost belly button length straight.

I need some advice on how to like curly hair.
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I think, as you mentioned yourself, that your curls is just one more thing you don't like about yourself. Why do you think yourself unattractive? Sounds to me like you're really bullying yourself, talking yourself down like that.

What's your regimen like now? Knowing what products you're using will be helpful to us. Also, figuring out your hair properties (porosity, texture, etc) will be useful in choosing the right products: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics These properties are a better predictor of what your hair will respond to than curl type.

You say you don't like investing much time in your hair. If spending less time on your hair would make you happy, then try to establish the simplest routine you can. Also, since your hair is long, you may want to consider plopping or diffusing to shorten drying time, or getting it cut shorter. (Plus if you spend less time worrying about your hair, then hopefully you'll spend less time beating yourself up about whether it's perfect or not!) Ask us questions – we're happy to help!

Side note: When I was growing up, I would've given anything to have straight hair. Now that I'm 22 and know how to take good care of it, it's a defining part of my look (in a good way!) and I can't imagine myself any other way. I love my curls.
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