I really don't feel like arguing. I am just going to state one more time that hyperemesis (not speculating, actually what kate was diagnosed as having) is not just being sick while pregnant. it is life threatening for mother and baby. like women and children in the first world still die from this. and women with actual hyperemsis can't always just soilder on with day to day stuff, extreme medical interventions are often needed. and I don't believe anyone who hasn't had hypermesis should be judging a sufferer for not being able to suck it up and go on with work, school, etc. a person's health should come first, especially when pregnant.

and I do feel solidarity with kate as someone 7 months into the actual condition we were both actually diagnosed as having.

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Originally Posted by naturaldoll
Hon, I'm sorry you feel so bad.
For the record, I wasn't arguing.
When I say "speculating", I mean that a lot of women (not you specifically, just in general) are projecting their symptoms onto Kate. We don't know if she's going to be sick for 6 or 7 or 9 more months. We don't know how many times a day she's vomiting, etc. We don't know how she feels emotionally. There are different levels and symptoms of HG.

As to myself, I don't know if I had HG. My midwife speculated that I did with pregnancy #2, which was not as bad as #1, and wanted me to get rehydrated in hospital, but I declined because I had too many other responsibilities. I took meds with both pregnancies and with #1, I would vomit 10-12 times a day and not hold food or liquids down until into month 6. I lost weight well into the third trimester and didn't show till about 7 months along. With #2, it was the same but stopped earlier. I tried seabands, ginger, preggie pops, flat soda, etc. etc. etc. and nothing really helped. I could sometimes eat grapefruit, regular flavour potato chips, watermelon, pineapple, plain pasta with nothing on it, or french fries. That was it, and sometimes those even came up. So whether or not I was labelled as anything, I do understand what it is like to be pregnant, sick and miserable - and I did not tell anyone I was pregnant in the first trimester so it was very isolating. Whether I suffered as much or less or more than others I couldn't say, but I know other woman who had constant vomiting and nausea and also continued with their daily routines. I'm not saying sick people should suck it up and soldier on or that there is something wrong with them if they don't, but the fact remains that some women have no choice but to do just that.

I am truly sorry you are so sick and hope and pray you get some relief soon.
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