I will be scheduling a hair cut before any surgery happened anyhow...so if it's a bit shorter and no split ends, I should have an easier time.
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I used to have hair I could sit on in high school. Mine tangles into whatever one calls a rats nest when it's long the minute nobody is looking. If I knew I wanted to just keep it out I my face for a while, I would do a braid on each side like pigtails and then coil them up in a kind of spiral on each side low more on the bak of my head. Kind of like in Star Wars but instead of looking like I ha earmuffs, they were at the base of my hairline above my neck. The way I sleep it was never an issue to leave them in overnight. I used a larger than my usual amount of gel or mouse before braiding.

Sometimes, when I had nothing better to do, I would part my hair in half and then part each half I to three equal sections, braid each section and then braid the braids. That was easier to put up for me because the smaller braids held the pins better and longer before getting loose. But you will all sorts if h e the medusa look when you take them out.

3a brunette/grey but dyed curls
Pernicious Anemia has me at 20% grey now!
I don't do CG. I use whatever shampoo and conditioner I have which is almost always garnier
Cleanse: Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo
Condition:Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner
Stylers: Garnier scrunch gel, argan/coconut oil, Got2Be Kinky mousse. Varies.
Tshirt plopper and super scruncher