I got a chuckle out of that mom "discovering" bantu knots and she didn't realize it.

I've worn two strand twists, although I learned them as rope braids, and I learned bantu knots as vertical cinnamon buns, lol. I'm too lazy to do the parts for the knots though. I just take a section and do it.
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Same. There's a lot of different terminology floating around. Sometimes I sleep in french rope braids (on 2nd day hair) and I end up with a "twisted" effect.
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I tried bantu knots a long time ago but I really didn't like the result. My hair just ended up really curly and a little wonky. I also have never been able to wait as long as my hair needs to dry. Does anyone have one of these blow up dryers from sally's?
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I would be interested in trying twists sometime when I have a lot of time. The main reason why I think they may be hard to do on type 3 hair is that they don't seal well at the ends, so they end up unravelling. At least for me.

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