GC, I've used that Gimmie Lean sausage for fauxsage and gravy (that's what I like to call it) for my vegetarian MIL and SIL and it was really good so I'll be interested to hear how it comes out with fauxsage balls. If I didn't make Mr. Spring some sausage balls every year I think he'd divorce me. HA! I made some one year with diced apples in them and they were so good.

Jeep! I wish I had more folks to bake for just as an excuse, but I only make stuff for Mr. Spring to take to work. I made an apple pie quick bread with pecans and dried cranberries last night (diced apples, not grated) to test out and see if it was tasty enough to gift and indeed, it was! Turned out really good so I'll do those in cute little Christmas mini-loaf pans and I'm also going to package up homemade hot chocolate mix to give along with it. I'm looking forward to decorating the packaging, I think I've got to make 12 of them.

Today I invited our neighbors over for some Christmas day noshing so I've got to come up with stuff for that. Her mom will be coming with them, but she's blind and doesn't like to eat in front of other people because she has to use her hands (she can see a tiny bit, but everything is just one big blur for her due to macular degeneration) so I'm going to try and make everything more like appetizers so it's easy to eat and she doesn't feel embarrassed. I know I'll make sausage balls, deviled eggs and probably do some mini ham sandwiches and I'll figure out a few other things. I'll make cranberry noels for sure.

What I'd like to know is why I don't know anyone who does cookie plates?!?! If someone showed up at my door with an assorted plate of homemade goodies I'd DIE. But not before I ate them all.

The test loaf I made last night. After I get the mini's done week after next I'll snap a pic. It's got a streusel topping.

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