I'm not fully 3c (I'm a 3b/c), but I (in the shower), comb through my Leave in, add some coconut oil to the ends, scrunch in some gel, then scrunch water into it (large handfuls of water, and gently scrunch, vid link below).

I then plop my hair when I get out of the shower. If my hair dries crunchy, I will scrunch out the crunch (I don't use product to do this, as it usually makes my hair stick to my hands, which frizzes it more then it needs to be).

I do get good definition with the 3c curls that I have with this method, pretty consistently (my hair does have the teenager "I hate you days" but they're pretty rare). The other thing is to not comb it dry (or towel dried) and to not touch it while it's drying, if you can. If you want more volume, you can diffuse dry it to about 70-80% dry at most, but you'll lose some definition this way.

The super-soaker method I sort of follow (I scrunch the water in after my final product is in, it gives me a softer hold):
Super Soaker Method for Promoting Clumps - YouTube

Plopping (use a large tshirt or microfibre towel):
Curly Care: Plopping aka Plunking - YouTube