Keep us posted. That new Mo's protein bar looks good too.
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I'm sensitive so I'm afraid of the protein bar. Lol

I washed last night with ACV. I didn't prepoo like I usually do because I wanted to see how it did on it's own. I must say it is the most moisturizing shampoo I have ever used. I get buildup easily and need a clean slate once a week. Honestly I usually go for slightly drying shampoos because the more moisturizing ones I've tried didn't get my hair clean enough. But my hair felt very clean. The other concern I had was my scalp. I find just about any shampoo will cleanse my scalp but those with ingredients like teatree and peppermint tend to keep my scalp cleaner longer. Since this is ACV I figured it would do the same but I went ahead and followed with some Teatree Tingle Conditioner just to be safe.

Anyhoo, my review of the new ACV bar is two thumbs up. Moisturizes while still giving a good clean. Next up is Cheris Hibiscus. I will probably use it tomorrow on my nape because I have discovered my nape is from another planet than the rest of my hair. Looser, coarser and doesn't like cowashing. I have to use a mild shampoo then a conditioner to keep it moisturized. Anybody else have that?
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Uh oh, that's another poo bar I have to put on my last and I have 9 of hers. I'm glad it worked well on your hair . Clarifying poos are so needed esp when you're natural and you have to twist your hair with the many twisting products that we sometimes use!!! The buildup on the scalp and hair is ridiculous. You know it's funny that you mention the Cheri's one bc at first when I tried it I was like ehhh but then the second time I tried I was like YESSSS! Very moisturizing . I've used it three times and the last time I did my hair. And you know what I do with her bars is I cut them in half so they'll last longer and the whole bar won't disintegrate being exposed to water. I put a butter knife in hot water and cut it in equal half parts. You know she has the shealoe bar with the tea tree in it. A lot of pple love that one. I have it but haven't used it yet.
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That's a great idea. I'm going to cut mine too.

I ended up shampooing my hair again today after accidentally using something that an oil mix that has mineral oil it. My hair hates mo. I decided to try the Cheris because I'm looking at getting away from cowashing and wanted to see how it would do. I skipped prepoo. I washed in four sections. Since shampoo tends to cause tangles for me I usually only smooth it and never detangle but I decided to try and was so surprised I could run my fingers through my hair easily. Nice slip. Anyway, I rinsed it out and my hair wasn't stripped but honestly not quite as soft as acv bar. I decided to skp the dc (which I never do after shampoo). I added a little oil to my TN, let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinsed it out. My moisture came back great.
So it looks like the Cheris is my new cowashing agent. I will likely still using my stronger shampoo once a week and this in between. I saw on YT where a lot of naturals say it feels like cowashing and I agree. But it gives me just a touch cleaner hair that I need to keep buildup at bay and my hair moisturized.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.