My hair is mostly high-porosity so it doesn't take as long to dry. The nape area was still very slighty damp after a very long time under the dryer so I just went to bed with them that way.

Re: my previous 2 questions--

--do you retwist at night or just put on a silk scarf/bonnet?

-- on subsequent days, do you refresh with anything, or reapply any product?


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Originally Posted by sinistral55
Up to you if you retwist. I usually do because I like to seal my ends every night and twists makes it easier but I have also done pineapples. I don't use scarf on freshly washed because I usually go to bed with my hair damp and a scarf slows down drying for my lp hair. But lots of ladies use scarf. I may use it second day. Otherwise a satin pillowcase. I refresh my hair at night with a moisturizing spray. I have a conditioner water and sometimes glycerine mix I make. I can only go at most three days before I have to wash my hair again.
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