I watched this old movie on tv today. I didn't realize Paul Newman was that damn fine back in the day. Good Lawd have mercy!! I would have been on him like white on rice.
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he definately wasnt ugly. wish I could go back to 1967 and......naawl let me stop and sit my pregnant self down. what movie, cool hand luke?

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Yes. I came in on the middle of it so I want to go back and watch it from the start. Great movie. I love watching Turner Movie Classics and such. I think a lot of old movies focused more on plot, character development and emotion. Nowadays, it's mostly about special effects, fight scenes, sex and nudity. That's okay to a point but to me nothing makes up for great acting. I think the quality of acting overall has gone way down over the years. We're stuck watching people like Beyonce who can't act worth a dern.

My 2 cents.
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oh I agree, I love tcm, better acting and more original ideas. I feel ike there hasnt been an original thought in hollywood in 10 years. like what happened to creativity? what about the younguns straight out of film school, what does it say for my generation that no one has any imagination?

I knew that had to be the movie. back then paul newman was fine all day, but somethinh about that movie. the blue prison uniform matching his eyes, his tan, his swagger. I dont even like swagger but damn. I was watching that movie once and my mom was walking through the room. stopped her dead in her tracks. "i was a little girl when this came out. I forgot he looked that good."

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