I did it! In mid-October I had Visian ICL to correct my myopia. I was -7.0 in my right eye and -7.5 in my left. I have worn contacts nearly every day for more than 30 years.

The morning after the procedure in my left eye, I read an eye chart without glasses or contacts and was pronounced 20/20. Couldn't believe it! My right eye is 20/30 because of slight astigmatism, which the procedure doesn't correct (but neither did my contacts). I'm really thrilled. No more contacts, glasses (except reading, which I had anyway on top of contacts), lens solution, and trying to remember to take all that stuff whenever I went anywhere. Haven't been swimming, camping, or staying in grimy hostels abroad since I had it done seven weeks ago, but I can't wait! Meanwhile, I can actually read the clock when I wake up, and (mixed blessing) has the grout inside the shower really needed cleaning all this time?