I'm with Tinfoilhat on this one. I think it's best to try and type the hair when it's all in its virgin state (no part of it relaxed/"texturized"). Should be dry IMO and in its natural state (w/out the curl pattern having been contrived or stretched by a curler set, twist out, etc.). It's also great to see pics that show all the hair at once.

And, just a personal opinion: if you feel you have to wet your hair down to see a pattern, or if it has glorious, natural root lift, (grows "up" or "out", rather than hanging down naturally from the root w/out contrivances) it's probably 4a or curlier. Some may disagree, but there. I said it. If you want to know more specifics, like whether it's 4a or 4b or some combo w/some 3c etc, you could repost pics as described above. You could even repost your pics in the 4a forum, where there's a mega-thread (stickie) designed to assess hair type.
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Thanks, i'll try that. Just one more thing: I want to snip off the damaged ens, but i don't want to lose the length. I did not get a relaxer though. It's just damage from constant straightening. But my hair has grown a lot and the damaged ends fell off. Weird, huh?