This last episode. WHOA.

I can't even wait for the next one. I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!!!!!!

I thought I had figured out the tea, but this episode just threw a ringer at me.
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I wanted to ask if anyone was watching cause the last ep was on fire! From the flashbacks, to the VP, to Spin, I feel like someone ran me over. Next Thursday can't come fast enough.
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clearly you guys should be watching the Walking Dead, now that is where the real drama is, you will be feeling like someone dropped a house on you afterwards. You'll come out of episodes dazed and confused. You'll find in the middle of episodes wondering if you should call 911 because you feel you might be actually having a heart attack.

Some say it's too much drama not enough horror, for a zombie show. Some say they are right. But its good.
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Nah. Not into zombies or horror. Supernatural is plenty for me.

Not into suspense and dramas either so Scandal is a definite first.
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