saa79, in all honesty I think you look much nicer with curly hair!

It is very true the thing you spoke about the racial "arrogance"... Our ideas of beauty are programmed into us since out childhood. Beauty is equal to "white, western" qualities = straight (blond) hair, light skin, certain type of figure and facial features etc. These qualities are seen to go hand in hand with some inner qualities as well (goodness, innocence, honesty...). I've seen too many, extremely beautiful people struggle with their self esteem when they don't fulfill these ideas of beauty. That is pure madness and needs to stop!!!

From one brand new curly girl to another this is a pretty, err, depressing post. It's kind of the opposite of what I wanted to read just now to be honest because I've had a bad hair week but that's not your fault. I feel for you though and I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. Listen, I know that most people, including myself, happen to look good with straight hair. How could they not? It's shiny, it's neat, and we've been conditioned as a society to believe it's preferable. (Which has slightly racist overtones, I think, but I'll get into that later.) I've kind of liked myself with curly hair, too, in the past, but I just detested the frizz. It wasn't worth it to wear my curls if they were gonna look messy all the time. I think going the no-poo route and doing the CG method might be our best bet in the long run to getting natural, healthy, and pretty hair. I might be wrong, but I promised myself I'd give it at least a month. I usually wear my hair straight and it's been a long time since I even wanted to wear it curly. I think one of the reasons why I had a change of heart is my friend recently got me hooked on Doctor Who (which if you don't know if a British sci-fi TV show--kind of a cult thing) and there was this actress on the show who had the most beautiful curly hair. It was huge and pretty, and I found myself kind of envious. (Haven't been that envious since maybe Beyonce in Austin Powers.) And then it hit me--Hey, I HAVE curly hair! Uh, kinda sorta. I've just never been able to manage it. I'm now in a place in my life where I have the resources and even a bit of free time to take care of my hair and figure things out. I don't have to wear it stick straight all the time. And I'm seriously hoping I can hold out. My goal is to make it to January actually liking my natural hair. (I put my flat iron, brushes and blow dryer in a drawer and all my silicone/straightening products in the cabinet next to it--out of sight.) It's weird. Everyone likes my hair straight and thinks it looks better but I'm looking at a picture of me now and me this time last year with my straight hair (comparable lengths—cuz I know my super long straight hair looked really good and that gave it an unfair advantage) and I think the curly hair looks just as nice. Softens and frames my face...
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