Bobeam may be a moisturizing shampoo but still a shampoo. Not dcing after was a mistake. My hair is not super dry but not where it should be. I corrected the problem today. So anyone who must DC after shampoo please continue to do so. I will have to keep on cowashing for now.
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That's the same thing I notice with the cheris! It's not really for making the hair really clean, but she does have the bars specifically for clarifying so when I don't have a lot of product buildup I use that one or the honey & oats. The chocolate rhassoul one is good also for detoxing the hair but I'm not sure if detoxing has the same effect as a clarifying but I know she specificity has about like 3 bars for clarifying. And that chocolate one smells JUST like chocolate so does the Orange one smell just like vanilla oranges but I ALWAYS dc after because I need to feel like I'm giving my hair that extra moisture.

I know I read your first reply but did you use the new Mo protein one too?!!