I asked my friend if she still likes the conditioner, and she says she loves it and that her condition has never been better. I'm starting cowashing again, and I've learned that thought my hair is wonderfully moisturized and soft, it also tends to get some build-up. I was searching for a good clarifying shampoo that wouldn't strip like the ones I've tried. I stumbled upon Acure Organics Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Daily Clarifying Shampoo and decided to try it. What a great find! The only shampoo I've used that doesn't strip is Shea Moisture, but that smelled way too strong and didn't clean well. This left my hair and scalp very clean but so soft, I probably could have gone without conditioner. I used some and leave-in anyway, but needless to say, this brand is great.
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Oh yay! I didn't even think about that. I wish their shampoos didn't have aloe. I bet they're lovely.

sdkitty...it's neither? $8-9 for 8 ounces puts it middle of the road price wise and because it's a "natural" type product it's sold at neither drugstores or salons. Like I said I bought mine at Super Supplements, but I could as easily get it from Whole Foods.