I am a botticelli curly, and so is my 6 year old daughter.

I am about to go off the deep end in frustration. Her hair (mid back length) is perpetually dry, snarly and a nightmare to comb, even with a ton of conditioner. I have tried CG methods (using Suave), Devacurl, and even tried Suave shampoo. The result is the same. Her hair won't wet properly, it's a nightmare to get knots out of, it flash dries, and the second I rinse the conditioner out, it's back to the prewash state.

My hair is having the same issue...

I am wondering if it could be high mineral content - our tubs have iron stains from faucet drips, and we get a lot of scale buildup on stuff. How do I deal with this? A household water softener is not an option - we are renting.