Okay, let's be honest. I'm not going to just tell you nice things and to keep your chin up for one, I find it a obnoxious that you come on a curly support site and tell everyone here that they would look better with curly hair. You're not just putting yourself down, you're putting everyone else down and you need to stop. Like yesterday. Two, I have no basis for that information, as I've never seen you, and I guess your problems run deeper than the superficial.

To some extent you are right. Not all curly hair is beautiful and not everyone looks best with curly hair, but you can say the same thing about straight hair. Curly hair is not inherently bad (nor are brown eyes compared to blue, pale/dark skin compared to tan, etc.). There is a lot of blah, thin, dry, limp, stringy hair out there that doesn't look good, whether it be the cause of hair care or genetics. No person has every ideal body part...not even people who are idiolized. The point is your curly hair is the way you were born and no one would every suggest to a woman with straight hair that she spend hours in the mirror every morning to achieve her curly wedding hair they loved so much. It would be ridiculous.

You have to like you. You don't have any choice. The more you like and accept yourself, the better you'll get at dressing yourself up and working with what you have. Nothing makes a self esteem problem worse than trying to be something you're not everyday and wishing for what you'll never be at night. Acceptance is the first step, everything else will follow. You just have to build a bridge and get over it...unless you really think not looking the way you want to is a good enough reason to be unhappy.

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