Thanks for the advice... I try gel sometimes and maybe I'm using the wrong brand, but it just makes my hair really sticky... my hair will hold the curls for a day or so but after its just sticky and gross (and i need it to stay for at least a week because i don't have time to wait for it to dry during the week)... it's probably because I bought L.A. Looks which was probably a bad idea.. does ecostyler give the same effect? and how long do your curls typically last with and without the gel?
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My hair is never sticky with eco. The only issue I've had is finding the right leave in to play nicely with eco. It really is quite finicky and will cause little white balls in your hair if you use the wrong leave in. Anyway, I put in the LI, add the gel, then add either jojoba or EVOO to my ends. My hair dries harder than it does with condish only but softer than if I don't add the oil. I may or may not sotc depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I use a diffuser to dry but not often. I pretty much wet and redo daily. I've always been a daily wet and go-er.