Thanks for your responses. Unfortunately, I've tried KCKT, and it didn't work either. I've been doing some detective work, and I think this might be a porosity issue. When I got my hair analysis, it came back normal porosity, but I've never trusted it. I really feel like my hair is low porosity. I've noticed that when I use leave-in without diffusing, my hair feels greasy, but when I diffuse, it feels fine. I think the heat from the diffusing helps the moisture get into my hair rather than sitting on top.
2b/c wavy modified CG since July 2012
medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity
hair likes protein, doesn't like oils, easily OC'd

low poo: JCHCC, CJGCS
RO/co-wash/LI: YTCarrots, DB Pumpkin Seed
stylers: a bunch of stylers that are all pretty much the same (KCCC, UFDCM, CRCM, CKCJ) or ArcAngel if I need more hold