"Wild had a bright future, until she started drinking coffee. She could no longer sleep, she dropped out of school, could not hold down a job, and eventually started speed stripping to maintain her 12 cup a day habit".
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This. Is. GLORIOUS! I'm imagining someone running in frantic circles around a pole while flinging off articles of clothing and it is freaking hilarious.

I hope you do get back into creative writing and/or get to give your opinion more often, Fifi. These are things I absolutely love and that my depression has been determined to rob me of, and anytime I can break through that wall even for a brief moment, everything is so much better. I definitely think you're right to connect creative writing with being allowed to share an opinion, too, not only when it comes to the reasons people write, but the way it feels. Another reason I must not let so much time go by between blog posts - of course writing one feels different than writing a short story or article, but I still feel a bit of that old freedom. Heh, life, liberty and the pursuit of ALL TEH FEELS.

Legends, thank you so much for linking that blog post. It is a thing of beauty. Also, it contains an incredible number of links that are extremely relevant to my interests.

Saria, you are totally rubbing off on her! Soon she'll be wanting to cook things sous-vide.

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